Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Bag Styles

My ETSY shop hit 100 sales yesterday... thanks to you!

I hope you are taking advantage of the 25% off sale.

Remember, Mother's Day is coming up on May 8th.
What mother wouldn't love a new handbag or clutch to carry around for Spring?

Thought I'd introduce the new bag styles today.

Let's start small.
This is the Amy Tissue Holder.
She fits a standard size travel tissue pack perfectly.
Have tissue handy next time someone needs one - and have a cute case to whip out, too!

Getting a little bigger (but still staying small).
The Tracey Mini Clutch.
(It just received it's name YESTERDAY from the first person who purchased the style!)
Tracey is perfect for quick errands or a night out on the town.
Her wrist strap keeps her close by so you don't accidentally drop and lose her.

And a little bigger.
The Rachel Bow Clutch.
I love the simple sash detail on the front of this clutch.
It has a flat bottom which makes for lots of inside room for
pencils and pens,
keys and cellphone,
and more!

And getting MUCH MUCH bigger.
The Market Tote.
I absolutely LOVE this bag.
How wonderful to never be without your market bag again!
I'm constantly forgetting to bring my reusable shopping bags to the store.
But not anymore!
This market tote folds up small to fit inside my bag and holds itself together with a button and elastic closure.
Plus, it's HUGE!
I can carry a gallon of milk plus much more in it!
Ahhhh.... I can't wait to start walking to the store in warm weather.

Head on over the ETSY shop to take advantage of the 25% off Spring Cleaning Sale.
Details of the sale found here!

Happy Designing!!


  1. Love the Rachel Bow Clutch, but don't see it on the Etsy shop pages? Congratulations on reaching 100!!!

  2. It's there now Zia Maria. Someone has just bought it and I had to relist the bag to show up! and thanks!!!

  3. question: have you ever tried to make the reusable snack bags? just curious. i'm in the market for some. :)

  4. Courtney -
    I have something in the works... stay tuned! :)


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