Thursday, March 11, 2010

Custom Bag Orders COMPLETE

I've had a really fun (and busy) week with custom orders.  Here's what I've finished so far:

A Cyndi Bag

I added a magnetic snap to the Cyndi.  It comes standard on all Cyndi bags from here on out (without raising the price).  I think it's nice to have a way to close your bag, don't you?  I'm working on a few bags that have zipper closures if that's your style!

A checkbook cover to match the Cyndi bag (she asked for the license slot on the front.  I think it's brilliant and is now an "add-on" for the checkbook cover at my shop).  I almost forgot to take my driver license out before sending this to her!

Two adorable changing pads.  The yellow one was a custom order.  The blue and plum swirl one is for sale at my shop.

I have two orders I'm currently working on: another changing pad with this print (it's really chocolate brown).

And one these kitchen towel purses.  Did you know they are on sale at my shop?  Only 3 left!

And just because I mentioned "birthing a bag" here, I thought I'd show you the process.
Basically, once I complete the outside of the bag and the inside lining, I turn them both inside and sew them together - leaving a small opening in the bottom of the inside lining to pull the entire bag through.  Confusing, yes, but here are some pictures.

The bag totally inside out.

Here's the tiny opening the entire bag needs to come through.

Here it comes.

See how it's like birthing?!  But less painful.

It's a girl!

Hope you enjoyed the inside look at how I make your custom bags!


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