Thursday, March 25, 2010

Franklin Goose - Awesome Promotion You DON'T Want to Miss!

Just stumbled upon this adorable goose on the internet today...

Franklin is his name - as you can see.

You can find him here, at Franklin

Not only does this look like a great baby item store, they have committed themselves to providing and selling only the safest, most organic and natural products available.  They hand pick each product on their site.

You really need to go check them out.

But the cool thing is... right now, they are holding a promotion.  Review any of the items in their store and they will give you a $5 credit for each review.  Review 10 items, get $50.  Pretty awesome, right?  They have to approve each review, so make sure that you've actually used it before you write a review for it. 
Offer expires March 31st.

(By the way, this obviously isn't "Tree Hugging Tuesday" even though I'm posting about eco friendly finds.  The schedule was great to get me in the groove of blogging, but now it's limiting me!  I feel restricted by the schedule!  So, you can see that my "Here's what you can expect..." side bar has changed to topics.  I will blog about topics that interest us all on any day I feel like! - so thanks for reading and subscribing!)


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