Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

Today is a special day.  So, you won't mind me interrupting Mommyhood Monday to bring you a post about my favorite person in the whole world (yes, even more than my adorable son)... my wonderful husband.  This post is all about you and all for you.

I can't believe it has been two years since this day.

I remember waiting in the room at the back of the church as I listened to the music being played.  Soon, I knew, it would be my turn to walk down the aisle.  

After my dress got caught in the door, I was unhooked, and turned to see you - waiting for me.

I didn't take my eyes off of you the entire walk down the aisle.  While every other eye may have been one me... my eyes were on you.  You looked so handsome, and I couldn't believe this day was here.

Just two years earlier we had taken this picture on Santa Monica beach... our first picture and our first date.  Remember?

Did you know then that you would marry me?

I did.  That day, I had seen a sign.  This car on the packed LA freeway.  "SmithX2" it said, and I knew that I would be the "times 2" in your life.

Remember the day you asked me to marry you?  Of course I said yes!

There is so much I love about you!

Like, how you said you didn't care if I messed up your hair the first time I cut it, and then we had our first fight about the way your hair looked.

I love how you make me delicious coffee drinks.

And the fun we have drinking them together.

I love how you cook the most amazing meals for me.

And I even love cleaning up the mess you make.  (That is, after all, the deal - you cook, I clean!)

I love that I sometimes find your coffee in the shower.

And I'm so in love with your sense of humor and how you can always make me laugh (... wanna spoon?!)

You romance me like no other.  With fancy restaurants...

... horse drawn carriage rides ...

... and gifts.  Oh!  The gifts...

You really know how to light my fire.

and I think I'm pretty good at finding the wood to keep it going.  We're a good team.

Sure, not everything goes perfect in our marriage.

Like the flat tires we always seem to get.

But, I couldn't stand a life without you.

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband.

And such a perfect Daddy.

I can't wait to get to know you better this year.

your wife

Mrs. Smith


  1. I meant to tell you happy anniversary! You look amazing in your wedding dress! You should blog about your wedding day more, like the details. I love weddings, used to do wedding flowers and I miss being involved (although it's super stressful.) What a cute little photo montage, I can just hear the romantic music playing...

  2. Oh Becks... this made me cry. Congratulations. Anniversaries are the best!!! :)

  3. Loved this! Your wedding was so beautiful and special :) Thanks for the trip down your memory lane! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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