Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Kiva Loans!!!

So, I'm not getting around to posting Mommyhood Monday because I"m so thrilled about this post!  I couldn't wait to post it.

Seriously... this makes me SO happy!

Not only has Better Life Bags raised enough in one week alone to give a Kiva loan to someone, but enough of our loan recipients have paid back their loans that we were able to reloan more money to someone else!

If you're new to Better Life Bags and the Blog, check out this post to see what we're all about.

Here are the two newest recipients of Better Life Bag loans:

Sura Ali from South Sudan
How beautiful is she?!

She is currently in the business of selling charcoal and groundnut paste (peanut butter).  The money from your Better Life Bag purchases are going to help her stock more groundnuts to make paste to sell.

Sura is 40 years old and is widowed. She has six children and her children do not go to school. With the extra profits from her loan, she hopes to be able to build a store for charcoal.

And then:
Maria Del Carmen from Bolivia

She is selling bags!!!  I had to loan to her... you understand, right?  A fellow bag maker!

 María del Carmen is married and has young, school-age children. Her main activity is selling sacks (large bags to carry different products). She has regular customers who place orders at the Farmer’s Market as much as in other markets. Her husband is a taxi driver, and he helps her deliver the orders. She has been in this business for five years. She lives in her own house.
She is going to use the money from the loan to buy merchandise to have a variety of products.

And THIS makes me even more happy...

One of my customers, Nikki Rhode, has loaned her second loan with Kiva under the Better Life Bags Team!
Here is the lovely Teolith Pinedo Ramirex from Peru.

Did you know that you can join the Better Life Bag Kiva Team?  And loan your own money to anyone you want!  It warms my heart to see my customers lending, too!


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