Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organic Product Suggestions...

I need your help today on "Tree-Hugging Tuesday".

I'm planning an all-natural/organic birthday package for this guy.

That's my brother.  He is usually that goofy, and I love him for it!

And his New Years Resolution was to eat/be more organic.  I thought I'd help him out with a fun birthday package.  BUT, I'm not sure what to get.

Here's what I have so far... (Tyler, if you are reading this, STOP NOW!!!)

Dr. Bronner's Soap

A Klean Kanteen
 ... And that's pretty much it.  I NEED your help!

What are some of your favorite organic/all-natural products?  They can be household items, cooking utensils, personal care items, clothing, ... anything!

Thanks in advance.  From me and my brother, Tyler!


  1. What a great gift idea! A few things I love: Holy Cow all natural cleaner, Full Circle fruit bars-kinda like nutrigrain, Full Circle cereals. Some other suggestions: popcorn, chips, a gift certificate to an organic store.


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