Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just birthed another custom bag order!


If anyone out there has made any sort of bag before, they know that the last step involves turning the entire bag inside out through a six inch slot.  I always feel like I'm a bag midwife "birthing" a new bag!  I'll post pictures of that process next time - it's really quite amazing - just like natural births!

Anyway, this birth of a bag turned out to be a beauty!  I'm totally in love with it and might just have to update my diaper bag to something similar to this.

 The designer of this bag (not me, mind you), was genius in what she wanted.  {Just found out that she is a blog reader of mine!  How many of you "silent readers" are out there?!}  She had me special order some fabric from a fabric designer she loves, Valori Wells.  And I then matched the green in it to something I found around town.
 Check out the cute trim she asked for around the flap.  And the cute fabric flowers make it that much more adorable!

It's got a pretty cute backside, too - don't you think?
I just love the expandable flat pockets on the side.  Perfect size for bottle and sippy cups!

And finally, the green glorious inside.  Complete with FOUR pockets!  Two big ones and two smaller ones for cell phones and chapstick (her idea).  
Extra pockets are only an additional $5.  These bags really are as customizable as you can imagine!

Well, there you have it, my latest creation for a happy (I hope) designer (customer).  I'm going to start calling all my customers "designers" because that's really what you are!  You guys come up with the greatest ideas!

Don't forget, if all of this "designing" scares you, you can always order premade, ready to ship bags at my shop.  Just look for the "Bags Ready to Ship" category on the right side.

Welcome to the Better Life Bag family, NolansMama!

*** The proceeds from her bag went to help with the Haiti Relief Effort via the RedCross ***

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  1. Wow, you are so talented with making those bags, I am so amazed. I have never made a bag before so that 'birthing' thing was interesting. And what a cute design!


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