Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Tag Blanket

So, I have a confession to make.
I often let Little Bug play with this...

I know, I'm a bad mom, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
I decided it wasn't a good idea when I started to notice that he was eating the paint off the bag.  Not good.

 He also really likes this toy...

Mostly the tag and the ribbon on the tail. 

So I decided to combine the two features into one glorious toy!

I've seen these for sale in Etsy shops before.  They crinkle and have tags to play with!  How genius!

It was so easy to make.  If you are a new sewer or are wanting a first project to try, here's a tutorial on how to make this.  There are only straight lines to sew and it would make an adorable baby gift!

1. Cut a front and back piece 8" x 8"

2. Find something crunchy (like the wipes bag I used to let Little Bug play with) and cut it 8" x 8", too.

3. Cut up a bunch of ribbon in various lengths.
I laid mine out how I wanted it to look at the end.

4. If you don't have ribbon, you could use fabric scraps instead.

Just be sure to pink the edges with pinking scissors to prevent the fabric from fraying.

5. Since I didn't want my ribbons to fray, I decided to fold them in half and make a loop (so the unfinished edges would be inside the blanket).  But, I also didn't want Little Bug's fingers to get stuck or twisted through the loop, so I closed up one side with a straight stitch.
Just take your ribbon, fold it in half, and stitch down one side.
Do this for all the ribbons you want to be loops.

6. You should have a pile of ribbons and/or fabric strips at the end
 (You can see the red loop closed on one side really good in this picture.)

7. Take your bottom piece and lay it face up.

Take your loops and ribbons and lay them with the part you want showing at the end pointed toward the middle of the fabric.  (notice how my ribbons are all going inward in the picture below.)  In other words, line up the raw edge of the fabric with the raw edges of the ribbons.
Also be sure to leave at least 2 inches between one of the ribbons for turning the blanket inside out. (I left space between the green and brown ribbon on the left).

9. Lay your top piece of fabric face down on top of the ribbons.

10. Lay your crunchy piece on top of everything and pin.

Here's an attempt to show you my layers...

11. Sew through all layers with straight stitches around the edges.  Remove the pins before you sew over them.

12. Remember to leave a 2 inch opening for turning it inside out.  (Backstitch at the beginning and the end for strength)

13. Trim your corners and any ribbon that may be sticking out.

14. Turn the entire thing inside out through your small opening and press the edges with your fingers.  Your tags should be sticking out the right way now :)
Then sew around the edge again!

15. I didn't loop all of my ribbon, so need to heat seal some of them with fire.
To do this, trim the fraying edges and quickly pass fire on the edge to heat seal.
Then you don't need to worry about fraying!
You're done!

A cute, fun, inexpensive gift for your little one, or someone you know!
(of course, I had to put a Better Life Bag tag in Little Bug's!)

I couldn't finish getting him dressed before he noticed it and wanted it...

Let's just say we have a much safer crinkle toy now that someone LOVES.


  1. So creative! Good job, mama! :)

  2. I did one too with a dog blanket I already had! I just ripped open the seam and did the same thing! It turned out great!

  3. Hi I found your blog through google as I was looking for instructions on how to make one. Fantastic!! Hope you don't mind but I linked your post on my blog. Such a fantastic idea thanks! :)

  4. I also was blogging away when I discovered this. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Found your blog through A Little Tipsy, I love this idea! My lil man is always trying to grab the wipes package.. Thank you for the tutorial!

  6. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)

  7. Where did you get your "Better Life Bugs" tag that you put in your crafts? I've been looking for something similar for a while.

  8. I got my tags at Jennifers Jewels on ETSY. There are actually quite a few people who sell tags/labels on ETSY - hope that helps!

  9. This blanket is gorgeous. I can't wait to make one!

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous blanket! I've been making these blankets with loops, so it is nice to hear of another option. Did the end of your ribbon get hard after passing it through fire?

  11. nice combo! I plan on making a felt crinkle robot this weekend ;)

  12. Does it go through the washer well (thinking of the Huggies bag...)?

  13. was in cold, just don't dry. The huggies bag should be fine in cold water - just nothing with high heat :)

  14. Great tutorial - thanks so much! I've made 2 so far, the first i had a little trouble with the bag slipping when i sewed it so the second time i put an extra layer of scrap fabric over the top of the bag and it worked a treat - came out nice a square and flat :)

    It's turned into my universal baby gift hehe

  15. Made Christmas present #1 today! Thanks, Becky! :)


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