Friday, March 19, 2010

Photography Blogs

I received this in the mail yesterday.

Isn't she beautiful?!  My brother, Tyler, decided to give her to me as a birthday present.  It previously belonged to him.  When he heard my desire for a DSLR camera, he decided to surprise me and send me his for my birthday!

Here are some of the shots I've gotten with it already.

Good news: I have a very cute subject.
Bad news: I have no idea what I'm doing!  

I took about a million shots just to get these few!

So, I went asking around to find out some blogs and tutorials that would help me figure out my camera.
Here's what I was given.

A Mom and a Camera 

The Adventures of an American Mum

If you are at all into photography, go check them out!  They have awesome skills and awesome tutorials for people new to DSLR cameras (I don't even know what DSLR stands for)!  

Thanks to Lisa from ElleBows for sending me their links!

What I really wanted one of these cameras for is to achieve the focused subject and blurry background image.  Like this from The Adventures of an American Mum:

Turns out I might need a new lens to achieve that.  Good thing I got some birthday money!

And as if I weren't the luckiest sister to have such an awesome brother, my OTHER brother bought me this to go along with my new camera!

 Oh Amy Butler Fabric... how I love you!
Camera strap found at this etsy shop!

So, there you have it.  LOTS of "Found it Fridays" to check out and keep you busy this weekend!

See you back here on Monday!

(hopefully with lots of pictures I took this weekend)

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  1. Your first images are awesome!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the links! Now you just need your 50 mm lens ;-) Hugs.


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