Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten Tiny Toes...

We are a little obsessed with Little Bug's toes around here...


And lately, Little Bug has discovered his toes, too!

Daddy's toes taste delicious (who knew?!)

I miss these little toes... his are growing SO FAST!

And, I love the songs that go along with toes.

This little piggy went to market. (Wiggle baby's first toe)
This little piggy stayed home. (Wiggle baby's second toe)
This little piggy had roast beef. (Wiggle baby's middle toe)
This little piggy had none. (Wiggle baby's fourth toe)
This little piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home! (Wiggle baby's pinky toe)

or how about...

Momma's got ten fingers. (Wiggle your fingers in front of baby's face)
Baby's got ten toes. (Wiggle baby's toes)
Momma's got a tummy. (Rub your tummy)
Baby's got a nose! (Touch baby's nose)

have you sang this one, yet?

These are baby’s fingers (Kiss/touch baby’s fingers.) 
These are baby’s toes, (Kiss/touch toes.) 
This is baby’s belly button, (Touch baby’s belly.) 
Round and round it goes. (Circle belly button.)
100% natural ingredients

Wouldn't these make cute baby shower favors?!

She has 24 different pairs of booties - all just as adorable.

... in case you can't get enough of them already!
This seller also has an awesome personalized dog tag for my military friends... check it out here... gave me goosebumps.

Now, if only I could keep up with my toes... pedicure anyone?

... and no, I won't post a picture of my toes!


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