Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The voting is OVER!

This post is going to be real quick.  Mr Bug, Little Bug, and I are in Jupiter!  No April Fools here... we REALLY are in Jupiter.  

Jupiter, FL, that is.  

I gave Mr Bug tickets to see the St. Louis Cardinals play their last Spring Training Game here.  We'll be at the ball park tomorrow.  Little Bug's first game!

But, I wanted to check in and let you know the conclusion on the bag voting.
It wasn't really much of a tight race.
#4 won by a long shot!

So, here is what the bag will look like for my little friend in India!

So, this week as I make this bag, will you pray for the Better Life Bag customer and her Compassion Child in India?  Pray that the love of Jesus will be carried from my hands - to the bag - to the customer's hands - and land in the sweet little hand and heart of Lavanya in India! 

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  1. this made me cry! this is so exciting and exactly what better life bags is for!! maybe you could get a pic of the little girl with the bag!! how awesome would that be! :)


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